Shiloh Woods Drive, Troy, NC 27371
Historic Shiloh Church

Herb Garden

Shiloh . . .

is not a city set on a hill, it is

a treasure hid in a field.

is more a praying place than a

preaching place.

is a shelter to rest in, not a

fortress to live in.

is a supplement, not a substitute.

is passive, not aggressive; you find

her, she doesn't find you.

                                                               At Shiloh . . .

                                                  to be simple is to be beautiful.

                                                  the ear of God is bent low to hear

                                                  the sparrow's cry.

                                                  we look back in order to look ahead.

                                                  we know that the hard places are like

                                                  windows; they are meant to be looked

                                                  through rather than looked at.

It is a quiet place one may go any time to be still and listen.  Shiloh, a place spoken of as a sacred place, a place set apart, and a place kept plain, natural, and simple, seems to live up to the meaning of its name, "place where God dwells."